Alcatel Temporis IP701G SIP Phone PoE

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Temporis IP701G
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Experience PREMIUM features with Temporis IP701G.
Mobility is at hand. Pair a wireless DECT handset (Alcatel IP15) and/or a DECT headset (Alcatel IP70H) to the embedded DECT base of the desktop phone and communicate as you wish.
This unique feature on the VoIP market offers mobility within a flexible and evolutive solution in a very cost-effective way.
Manage easily your lines thanks to the dual backlit BLF keys. The programmable multifunction keys (16x2) can also be set to give direct access to the features you commonly use such as call forward, call transfer, conference set-up…
Optimize and make the most out of your network with the 2 Ethernet Gigabit ports.
It's already IPv6 compatible to secure investments and it will perfectly fit into your telephony setup thanks to its wide interoperability with many existing VoIP systems.

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