BNS performs its services carefully. We therefore assume that the products reach the customer in perfect condition. In those cases where help is nevertheless needed, our helpdesk is available for service, returns or other questions about functionality, technology or configurations. Partners can turn to the BNS helpdesk for qualified technical support. No service contract is required to use our helpdesk. If we cannot answer the question directly, we will assign a service number. BNS helpdesk: (030) 204 00 30 /


You can ask online support questions in the customer portal. No access to the portal yet? Request a personal account here. This account also gives direct access to the Webshop. Here you can see the product specifications and prices of the products from the BNS portfolio and place orders directly.

RMA request

Despite our strict quality requirements, an RMA is sometimes inevitable. We would like to see RMAs processed as quickly as possible. Fast response and short communicationlines are key. Returning goods is only possible after written confirmation from BNS. We do this with an RMA confirmation number. A good description of the complaint helps us to respond quickly and adequately. Create and inspection of the RMA tickets

Returning approved RMA

When the RMA request is approved, we will send you a RMA confirmation number and shipping address. All original and associated materials must be returned. We kindly request you not to put labels or stickers on the original packaging. This also applies to writing on the packaging. It is important to prevent damage by properly packaging the return shipment in an outer carton. We do not accept unauthorized RMA requests and will be returned to the sender.

User data

We recommend securing user data on the product to be returned. When the product is processed, there is a chance that this data will be lost, for example when the product is restored to factory settings.


BNS offers various technical and commercial training courses. We organize general training courses at our head office in Vianen. But we can also provide customized training and on location. When applicable, we deliver a personal certificate recognized by the manufacturer upon successful completion of the training.

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