RMA request

To submit an RMA request for a product purchased at BNS Distribution BV that is still under warranty, please read the procedure below to follow. For any questions regarding the application, please contact the sales department of BNS at: 030-2040000.

Personal login for RMA request

You can submit your RMA request, following the steps below:

You can submit your RMA request via: http://covide.bns.nl . If you don’t have a login, or if you have lost your data, please contact the sales department of BNS via sales@bns.nl . Your username and password are strictly personal. You are solely responsible for the possible change of these data (think of employment of staff responsible for handling RMAs in your company for example). Any abuse by third parties of your data is at your own risk. If you do not have the authority to a login because of an incorrect email / username combo, you can contact BNS to request a new login. To do so, please contact sales@bns.nl

For fast and efficient processing of your application, it is necessary that you provide BNS with the right information and the RMA form filled out completely. This includes:

• Product Brand and type (required)
• Serial number (in the case of a Grandstream product a MAC address) (required)
• Invoice number of BNS (required)
• Invoice date from the BNS bill (required)

Optionally, you can still specify a reference which will be mentioned in further correspondence with you regarding your request. Also, if applicable, the reference is listed on the cover letter that you receive when sending a replacement product. Describe the problem shortly in the subject. A description as faulty and broken is not enough. Applications will be denied such designation. You must provide BNS with all of the data mentioned above. When we are missing information or fields are not applied correctly, the request will be denied.

You will receive a notice by email when there is any change in the RMA process, called a status message. Await with sending your RMA until you receive an email where we are asking you to do this and send the consignment only to the address mentioned in the acceptance mail, goods sent to an address other than the mentioned address, BNS will return.

Unauthorized and / or not in advance requested RMAs will be rejected and returned to you, the shipping charges are billed to you. Applications approved by BNS and which are not submitted within two months after approval, we remove from our list. You will receive a notification by mail. You can always reapply.

Equipment send?

When you are asked to ship the product to BNS we ask you to send as much as possible the original packaging with accompanying materials, at least with components like power supplies and disk trays for example in the case of a nas. When materials that form an essential part of the device are missing, there is a chance that these components are also missing on the return unit, this is the responsibility of the reseller. Products should be packaged in a proper manner so that they can’t be damaged. Any damage caused by not proper packaging is the risk of the sender.
It is also necessary that you mention the RMA number clearly visible on the outside of the package. Not mentioning the RMA number on the outside of the package results in refusal and returning the shipment.


BNS is not responsible for the security of any data present on devices where this is applicable (eg Nassen etc.). We always request to take care of a backup. Passwords on routers, etc. are removed if the device must be investigated. Possible configurations are deleted and not stored. It is your responsibility to save it beforehand. When sending eg a NAS we ask you not to send the available hard drives. BNS is not responsible for any lost touch with these discs. Parts that don’t belong to the original device should not be sent.

Not defective / wrong order

If the submitted product is found to not have the reported defect and is functioning properly while this prior to the RMA, could be easily discovered by the reseller the product will be returned. The reseller must check prior to the RMA request whether it is a hardware defect or for example a configuration problem. In the latter case, there is no defect and BNS will not be accepting a RMA request for repair.

In the case of a non-hardware problem the end-customer or reseller needs to contact BNS or the manufacturer in order to solve the problem reported, prior to any RMA request. The decision if the product is defective or not is always at BNS. The cost of testing and sending a device when it’s not defective will be charged (18.95 Euros excl. VAT). Wrong ordered items which, after prior approval by BNS and a RMA number is issued, we will credit max. 75% of your purchase price. Products customer specifically ordered can not be taken back by BNS.

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