About us

BNS is a distributor of a wide range of IP hardware . Our portfolio consists of IP telecom products, IP security products and Internet hardware. This wide range of IP related products makes BNS Distribution a one-stop shop for installers and resellers of IP hardware and suppliers of VoIP. We focus exclusively on the business market and do not deliver directly to end users.


In terms of distribution we offer support on all fronts to ensure that stocks are well managed and transmitted. Services we provide include:

• Configurations
• Technical support
• Financial and logistics services
• Personalised drop shipments

Partner Network

BNS works closely with our Certified Partners. These partners use the partner program BNS is offering. The partner program includes among other services technical training, sales support and interesting marketing fundings, but is mainly about "working together".


The webshop of BNS Distribution is open to every company that has credentials to log in. Login information can be requested here. Once logged in you will enter our webshop. You can place orders, view FAQs, use the service tool and find other interesting information.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We take our social responsibility very seriously, not only management, but also our employees here are aware of this principle.

We make this responsibility concrete by:

• Where possible reduction of the environmental pollution.
• Conscious choices in use of materials, products and processes.
• Environmentally conscious of the cast and continuing to refine our knowledge.
• ISO certification: ISO9001 and ISO27001
• Our services such as reverse logistics and refurbishment and end-of-life or end-of-use services


Grandstream focuses on the needs of the SMB and enterprise markets. The current product portfolio includes IP Video telephony,IP Audio telephony, Videoconferencing, ATA's & Gateways, IP PBX’s and IP video surveillance. Besides the range of Grandstream BNS also provides complementary products such as cables, switches etc.

Robin Telecom Development is manufacturer of high-end SIP (video) entry door station products deployed in the enterprise- and residential markets.

The products of VXi are designed for all-day comfort in the workplace. VXi headsets meet the highest global standards for reliability, durability and overall product quality. As a result, VXi is known around the world for delivering value, excellence and innovation to contact centers, offices and mobile professionals. VXI headsets work perfectly with the devices of Grandstream.

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